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ezProxy - User Guide and FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions - ezProxy

  1. Do I need to install ezProxy in every computer?
    No, only install ezProxy on ONE computer which will be served as the server and connect internet properly.

  2. Does ezProxy support ADSL, and dial it automatically?
    Yes, but you need to install RasPPPoE which will make ADSL integrate into windows dial-up networking.

  3. Can ezProxy detect the online Modem, and use it?
    Yes, if the modem is already online, ezProxy will not dial again.

  4. I haven't do any interneto activities, why ezProxy dials continuously?
    Check if you have enabled "DNS" in ezproxy, if so, disable it first. The reason is windows sends dns request perodically, it will make ezProxy dial into internet to solve the dns request. Consequently, if you do not use Yahoo Messenger in your network, you'd better disable DNS in ezProxy.

  5. How many network interface does ezProxy support?
    There is no limit, but for every proxy service, there are only 2 options for interface binding: binding to a single interface and binding to all interface.

  6. Can I add one user in different group?
    No, you can not do that. Each user only belongs to one group. Otherwise, ezProxy would have problem of finding which group should use.

  7. Why I can not login 'ezClient' with correct password?
    Please check if any other people also use this account. In default setting, ezProxy would not allow multiple people using same account at same time. If you really need this feature, enable the checkbox of "Permit multiple people using same account".

  8. My software does not support proxy, how to pass through proxy?
    ezProxy is application level proxy, so must set proxy address and port in client softwares. There are 2 ways to solve the problem. One is using TcpMapping if the software using simple tcp connection, another way is using SocksCap. However, for some complicated softwares, these solution are also helpless.

Screenshots - More Details

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