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NetcClock Time server/client system 2.01

It is an industry standards SNTP time server plus Windows based SNTP clients.

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File Size:1,453 KB System:Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
License:Free to try ($49.95) Limitations:30 days
Date Added:04-05-2006 Requirements:1Mb memory

NetcClock Time server/client system
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Software Description:

NetcClock Time server/client system is an industry standards SNTP time server that will allow you to ensure that all your networked PC's have exactly the same, correct time. It provides both an SNTP server plus SNTP clients for any member of Windows based PC's.

NetcClock Time server/client system will connect automatically to any specified Atomic clocks on the Internet (if you have internet access) and therefore set your entire network's time and date correctly, or it can be used to simply maintain the same time and date across all the machines on your entire network. It can also provide the correct time to MAC and Unix machines providing they have standard SNTP clients on their systems.

Key Features:
  • Include an industry standards SNTP time server
  • Offer Windows based SNTP clients
  • Provide full time/date control for any network
  • Can correct time to MAC/Unix machines
Editor's Review:

NetcClock Time server/client system provides two modes that are an NTP Time Server plus a Time Client program. It can be used to correct date and time on every PC on your network. The correct date/time can be obtained from any one of the many atomic clocks available today on the Internet, or the server will provide whatever time the PC on which it is running. Once you have this program installed and working correctly, you should no longer have emails dated three years ago sent out to a customer or other equally silly date problems.

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