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NetcClock Time server/client system 2.01 - User Guide and FAQ

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What is involved to set NetcClock Time server/client system up my network?

  • Netc-Clock may be installed as a totally stand alone system on any PC on network.
  • The Netc-Clock server can be installed on any PC that has any form of permanent connection, or dial-up connection to the Internet.
  • The Netc-Clock server and Clients run as a service on any NT based PC (W2K, NT4, XP).
  • The Netc-Clock client needs to be installed and configured correctly on all of the PC's on your network, including the designated "server PC".
  • You then configure the Time Client module on the "Time Server" PC to connect to the atomic clock of your choice, and finally set up the Time Client on each PC on your network, typically so it is run when the PC is restarted via a shortcut in the Startup folder.
  • All of these Time Clients will be configured to obtain the correct date and time from the Time Serve PC on which the SNTP server is running.

Screenshots - More Details

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