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Proxy+ 3.0

Connect to the Internet working as firewall proxy server and mail server

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File Size:920 KB System:Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
License:Free Limitations:31 days
Date Added:11-04-2005 Requirements:Windows system

access Internet, proxy server - Proxy plus
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Software Description:
Proxy+ is a program enabling easy and safe access to Internet using the local network (LAN).

Proxy server receives requests from LAN PCs and sends them to Internet servers. Because these LAN stations are communicating only with proxy server, they may have an IP address independent on Internet. Also the station is completely separated from Internet and it is completely safe from possible outer data attacks. This method requires only one Internet IP address and it provides storing the flowing data to a disk cache (cache), and therefore you can speed up the reaction when different stations request the same data. Another main advantage is that with the correct PC setting the LAN is completely safe from the possible outer data attacks.

The disadvantage is that the proxy server works on the basis of protocols. That means that the proxy server is able to send only those requests it is able to understand and whose protocols allow it by their structure. Because not all existing protocols and services are compatible with proxy servers (their definition has emerged before the idea of proxy servers) it means you may encounter a problem using some services behind proxy server or they may be used with restrictions. These problems are partially solved with SOCKS4 and SOCKS5 protocols that are already implemented in some new client programs. It doesn't restrict a common proxy server user.

Key Features:
  • Dedicated (synchronous or asynchronous) or switched line connection
  • Only one IP address, which can be allocated dynamically by the ISP
  • Automatic dialing at user's or mail server's request
  • Automatic hang-up after a defined period of inactivity
  • Week scheduler for an alternate hang-up timeout
  • Sends and receives mail for many Internet mail boxes at one time using the POP3 protocol
  • Separates the LAN from the Internet to protect from attacks
  • Insecure interfaces (connected to the Internet) are detected automatically
  • Cache increases speed of data retrieval and enables the use of data even if a connection isn' t established
  • Automatic detection of insecure interfaces
  • Possibility to authenticate HTTP proxy service by user name and password
  • Log files about dialing, mail processing, errors, and security violations information
Editor's Review:
Proxy plus is an perfect software that enables your LAN access to Internet through one IP address very easy and security, It also works as a mail server and firewall client server. Proxy plus has many powerful function such as integrated firewall which can protect LAN from being attacked.It supports mutiple Internet protocal, disc cache etc. Proxy supports remote control function that you can control and monitor other computer's running status.

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