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AddaButton 4.1 - User Guide and FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions - AddaButton

  1. When I attempt to run one of your products, I get an error message stating that some DLL or OCX file is missing or not registered. What's wrong and where can I get the missing file?
    Some files were excluded from installation packages due to their size and the fact that the majority of users will already have these files present on their systems. In case you do not, read on.

    AddaButton is written in the Visual Basic 6 programming language. This means that in order to run properly, you must have the Microsoft Visual Basic 6 Runtime Library installed on your computer. This package can be downloaded from the "Support Files" section of the Download Page and installed simply by double-clicking the file in Windows Explorer after its downloaded.

  2. Is AddaButton Mac compatible?
    No. AddaButton are Windows/PC based except for CGI scripts, which run on Unix or Windows platforms.

  3. Does AddaButton install spyware on my computer?
    No. AddaButton is bundled with another application called SaveNow which installs alongside products to offset costs of distribution and development. It's paid a fee of $0.06 for when it's installed by a user Contrary to popular belief, this is not spyware and does not send any private, personal information about you to anywhere.

  4. Are the order forms for AddaButton products secure?
    To process orders, one of the Internet's oldest and most respected order processing companies is contracted to provide the servise. The order forms are completely secure and safe to use.

Screenshots - More Details

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