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Bookmark Base

Bookmark management tool - Transfer and synchronize all your bookmarks or favorites on multiple computers and browsers

Download Site 1       Download Site 2       Buy Now $29.95

File Size:1.03 MB System:Windows XP/2003/Vista
License:Free to try ($29.95) Limitations:Only 20 bookmarks operable
Date Added:01-23-2008 Requirements:Internet

Bookmark Base

Software Description:
Bookmark Base will transfer and synchronize all your bookmarks or favorites on all browsers you use on a given PC. Even more, it will synchronize bookmarks between as many different PCs as you may use!

Bookmark Base is your portable collection of bookmarks. It's easy and powerful: deploy it on your USB drive and carry everywhere you want. Launch it, import all bookmarks from one PC and deploy on another in seconds, validate your bookmarks for errors with internal checker. Currently supported browsers are MS Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Opera.

Key Features:
  • All popular browsers supported: all versions of Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Seamonkey, Internet Explorer (IE7 too), Maxthon, K-meleon and Opera. Also Bookmark Base supports importing and exporting XBEL files.
  • Simple bookmarks editor: you can change titles, URLs and descriptions for your bookmarks.
  • Fast embedded bookmarks checker: check all your bookmarks for validity instantly (bulk checker available in registered version only).
  • Search in bookmarks: to simplify navigation in thousands of bookmarks we have a powerful searching facility embedded in Bookmark Base. It allows you to search bookmarks by all of their parameters, to search bookmarks in specific folders and much more. Now it's easy to find required bookmark in a second.
  • Multiple bookmarks exporting abilities: to another browser, to XBEL file or even to your beloved web bookmark storage (currently in development).
  • Security and privacy: your bookmarks are kept in one encrypted file and they are not transferred anywhere keeping your Internet findings in-house.
  • Absolute portability: there is no locking to certain PC. Bookmark Base was designed with portability in mind and it be transferred between computers without any restrictions. It will leave no traces on any PC launched on. The best way is to keep Bookmark Base on your USB drive or iPod, this is convenient and your bookmarks will always be in the way.
Editor's Review:
With the software, wen can access your favorities from any computer, any browser. It helps you to keep your favorite links synchronized with just a few clicks.

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