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Check&Get Professional Edition

Download Check&Get Professional Edition to manage your bookmarks, browse and search internet.

Download Site 1       Download Site 2       Download Site 3       Buy Now $79.95

File Size:6.58 MB System:Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/2003
License:Free to try ($79.95) Limitations:30 days
Date Added:12-05-2005 Requirements:Internet Explorer 5.0

browse internet - Check&Get Professional Edition
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Software Description:
Check&Get designed as an universal Internet browsing and researching solution. It's a smart bookmark manager, online / offline browser, website monitoring tool and personal search engine.

In addition, the Check&Get saves-up automatically the web-page snapshots to the local bookmark database (up to 10 web-snapshots for each bookmark) and you can browse your favorite web-pages and bookmarks offline, "get back to the past" and browse the previous versions of your favorite web-pages, browse your bookmarks content even if this web-page content is not available in the Internet anymore.

Key Features:
  • Organize your bookmarks and favorite web-pages in the explorer-like, tree-organized manner.
  • Annotate and provide the search keywords for your bookmarks automatically, extracting the required information directly from the web-page, or setting-up manually.
  • Quick-Find the desired bookmarks, web-pages or folders by defined keywords.
  • Explore / Check your favorite web-pages for update and changes and notify you if new web-content found.
  • Highlight the new web-page content in the internal browser-window or in the e-mail message, so that you know exactly what's new on the web-page.
  • Detect dead-links in your bookmark collection.
  • Fast Offline/Online Bookmark Browsing using the internal browser.
Editor's Review:
Check&Get Professional Edition is a piece of professional program for internet bookmark managing and organizing. It's also a universal Internet browsing and researching solution.

With Check&Get Professional Edition, You can find the desired bookmarks and Internet web-pages quickly and easily when you need them. You'll never lose the information that you found in the constantly changeable web-space even if this information is not available in the Internet anymore.

While Check&Get Professional Edition is a little complex of its interface and may seemed chaotic, and that should be improved. Anyway, it's a useful and powerful tool, try it with pleasure.

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