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DeltaSpy 1.7 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

Track a new site

To start tracking a new site, click the Add site button

Once you have clicked that button, a new window appears where you need to input the site link and name, and where you can optionally specify how often you wish to check the site for changes

Click the Scheduling tab to specify how often you want DeltaSpy to check your newly added site for changes.

Select one of the shared schedules from the dropdown menu or specify a schedule below that is only valid for this particular site. Using the shared schedules is recommended as this will make it easier to change the scheduling for all sites using a schedule later - you simply update the shared schedule and the changes immediately take effect for all sites using the schedule.

Click the OK button and your new site is being monitored!

Scheduled and manual check

DeltaSpy automatically checks the monitored web sites at the intervals you have specified. If you wish to immediately check a site for changes, select the site in the list and click the Check button.

Select Selected sites to check only those sites you have selected in the site list, or select All sites to immediately start checking all sites that you are monitoring for updates.


When changed web pages are detected, DeltaSpy can alert you by sound, a blinking icon in the tray or by displaying a desktop notification that slides up in the lower right corner of the screen.

Frequently Asked Questions - DeltaSpy

  1. How does DeltaSpy check the web pages?
    DeltaSpy works like a web browser. Instead of you entering the URLs manually into your web browser, you enter them into DeltaSpy once. DeltaSpy wakes up at intervals you define, and downloads the pages from the Internet just like your web browser would have done.

    DeltaSpy keeps the last copy of the web page you have read and compares that to the version it has just downloaded using sophisticated comparison techniques. The newly downloaded page is modified so the changes found are highlighted when you view the page in the web browser embedded in DeltaSpy.

Screenshots - More Details

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