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WebCloner Pro Offline Browser 2.5

A site ripper, images and Flash downloader, offline browser, and e-book compiler with advanced configuration options.

Download Site 1       Download Site 2       Download Site 3       Buy Now $49.95

File Size:4,642 KB System:Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP
License:Free to try ($49.95) Limitations:15 days
Date Added:06-07-2006 Requirements:Minimum 64MB Ram

The Screenshot of WebCloner Pro Offline Browser
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Software Description:

WebCloner Pro Offline Browser is an offline browser and is the perfect tool for any Internet user to download rapidly and automatically large amount of files from any website and organize it efficiently for later use. Combining the highly customizable download filters, easy to use wizards WebCloner became already the silent friend of thousand of user all over around the world.

This smart tool is able to download thousands of pages in the same time and also pack them in real time to make easier for you to manage, move, export saved content for later use.

With WebCloner you can save entire website, reference material, news articles, pictures of any kind including adult content to your hard disk for efficient view, manipulation into a single packed file. Once saved, no Internet connection is required to access them. Also take advantage of full-featured export process that gives you the ability to move or change the way saved websites will stay on your computer. You can export saved website to CD, archive, and CHM and into stand-alone executable file (E-book).

Key Features:
  • Provide multi selection in all files list and also in project trees
  • Edit/add methods for URLs, extensions, passwords are improved
  • Support customizing GO button
  • Built-in popup stopper
  • Provide image browser
  • Access project details even if you have not opened the project
  • Allow to create auto-run files
  • Support creating and exporting bookmarks
  • Set image as wallpaper directly
  • Has a friendly user interface
Editor's Review:

WebCloner Pro Offline Browser is an offline browser and is a great tool for Internet users. It is easier to group saved websites that follows same topic. This program uses a packing system that is able to decrease the size of saved website. That is very effective to save disk space.

You can now even share the saved websites with your friends since you have to copy just one file to move thousands of saved web pages. It can be used to protect your web files with passwords. In this way you are the only user that can have access to saved web content.

With WebCloner you can download multiple projects at the same time. It allows you to download as many projects as you want. Also it has enough tools to browse, search and manipulate links and pages. Besides, it offers enough tools to export any part of downloaded websites into useful formats, and more.

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