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Grab-a-Site 5.0

It is a file-based Offline Browser that combines speed, stability, and powerful filtering capabilities.

Download Site 1       Download Site 2       Download Site 3       Buy Now $69.95

File Size:2,623 KB System:Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003
License:Free to try ($69.95) Limitations:15 days
Date Added:11-04-2005 Requirements:Internet connection/At least 6 MB hard drive space

Grab-a-Site - Main
click for larger screenshots
click for User Guide & FAQ

Software Description:

Grab-a-Site is a powerful Internet tool that allows you to grab complete sections of the World Wide Web. When you grab a site, it is downloaded onto your hard drive where you can surf without costly Internet charges. You can tell Grab-a-Site specifically which sites to grab using the Include filter. Filter out any unwanted sites with the Exclude filter.

Grab-a-Site 5.0 is a file-based Offline Browser that combines speed, stability, and powerful filtering capabilities. If you need an industrial-strength tool that can download an entire web site while retaining the original filenames and directory structure , Grab-a-Site is for you.

Key Features:
  • Grab every movie (MOV, AVI), picture (JPG), document (PDF), Program (EXE), or Archive (ZIP) file from a site. You decide which files to keep as the site is grabbed.
  • Set up your project, and every time you grab the site, you can do the same Search and Replace. Great for tweaking a live web site for CD distribution, or making minor adustments for other browsers.
  • Get web sites faster. Grabs from multiple web sites at the same time.
  • Export the web site to burn it to a CD with Nero, Easy CD Creator, etc.
  • Generates files so that your CDs of web sites will automatically run when inserted into the CD drive.
  • Easier to use, and help buttons where you need them.
Editor's Review:

The new Grab-a-Site 5.0 can get specific file types from a site. If you want all the PDF files, just enter "PDF" during the Add URL Wizard. Download all the images, zip files, movies. Whatever you want to grab and keep.

Installing Grab-a-Site is very easy. Insert the CD, choose Grab-a-Site, and click on INSTALL. You will be prompted for the location to install the program. We suggest you accept the defaults.

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