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Internet Image Browser 1.2 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

Internet Image Browser - find your image!

To use Internet Image Browser for analyzing web site and downloading found resources create new task. You can create, delete tasks and edit their settings:

Main options

  1. Name - this label will be displayed in task list.
  2. URL - specifies starting URL (like
  3. Save found files to folder - select folder for found resources - you can select one of albums folder (Album...) or external folder (Browse...) or simply fill the field with folder name. If folder doesnot exist it will be created.
  4. Follow web server hierarchy - Internet Image Browser can create folders structure like that on web server or save all resources into specified directory.
  5. Server requires authorization - use this option if web server is secured and needs login and password to pass.
Search options

  1. Search depth - specify depth of links to search for files on web server.
  2. Use external links - if checked tasks will use links on other web server to find more files. Unchecked will point to search images only within the current domain.
  3. Maximum of seeking threads - number of seeking threads for current task. You have to point more than 1 thread to find web pages to extract resource URLs.
  4. Maximum of downloading threads - number of downloading threads for current task. Both parameters can be changed when task is stopped.
  5. Agent's name - select search agent name. This string specifies how the program will be identified in web.

Search for files - select extensions of files which will be downloaded to your hard disk. Use size filter - specify upper and lower bounds of files to be downloaded in Kb.


Here you can drop notes about this task.

Screenshots - More Details

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