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Offline Explorer 4.0 - User Guide and FAQ

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How it could be useful for you?

  1. It will save connect charges because you will download the Web site you want at the highest possible speed and browse it offline with no Internet connection necessary.
  2. It saves your time because Offline Explorer downloads up to 500 files simultaneously. Browsing from your hard disk is much faster than from the Internet, even if you have a cable connection.
  3. It saves your nerves because downloaded Web sites are accessible at any time even if the Web site is not working, or has been moved or altered by hackers.
  4. You can take the Web site with you if you travel with your laptop computer. You can have the Internet you want even when flying.
  5. Many Web sites change rapidly and it is hard to find information that was there before. With Offline Explorer, you can make an archive of files that are interest you and access them at any time, even if the original Web site no longer exists.

Frequently Asked Questions - Offline Explorer

  1. How to add a single link to an existing Project?
    ometimes when you browse a Project offline, you may notice that some page was not loaded because of Level restrictions or other Project settings. Adjusting Project settings and re-downloading it will take much time and may download lots of extra pages that you don't need. Offline Explorer Pro and Enterprise editions offer a quick way to add the single missing page to the Project. Simply drag the desired link over the Project and drop on it. You will get a small menu that offers either to add the link to the Project or to create a new Project with that URL. If you add the link to the existing Project, it will be immediately downloaded and become available offline.

  2. How to delete old Project files automatically after downloading?
    If you want to keep only files that were loaded or parsed during the last Project download, add the following parameter in the URL field below the starting URL (on a separate line). Such as: Additional=DeleteOldFiles

  3. Why some files appear broken or incomplete after download?
    here are two cases that could cause files to appear to be broken: when the Web server returns file length and when the length is unknown. In the first case, if the file is not completely loaded and the connection is broken, Offline Explorer resumes downloading (it is trying to resume from the broken point (Reget feature).) However with no file length given, there is no reliable way to confirm that the file is completely loaded. In this case, after the connection is broken, the file is saved to disk as it is. If the file is HTML, GIF or JPEG, then Offline Explorer looks for the file ending. If it is missing, Offline Explorer tries to redownload the file to make sure it is complete.

  4. Why I can't load Lotus Notes site properly?
    There are two possible problems while loading Lotus Notes Web sites. First, you may notice that many pages are not loaded at all, probably because of improper Project settings. Please open the Project Properties dialog and ensure that the File Filters | Other category is checked. This will allow loading files with .nsf extensions and many other pages that do not have an extension. Secondly, some pages could be referred as both files and directories simultaneously. Offline Explorer currently cannot handle this problem. We plan to address it in our next release.

Screenshots - More Details

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