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Crystal Button 2.8 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

Create a new button design

To create a new button design just pick a design from the Template Library or start from scratch, by pressing New on the Toolbar at the top of the window or New on the File Menu.

Specify button text

After creating a new button design you will have to specify the button text. To do this open the Text Options dialog box. To display this dialog box either click Text Options on the Toolbar at the top of the window or choose Text on the Window menu or press ALT+T. This dialog box provides a range of options for changing the appearance of button text and navigation bar options. More details of the Text Options dialog box.

Button and text Colors

You can easily change all aspects of the button design, including the most important button and text colors.
To set Text Color open the Text Options dialog box, and click on the color selector there. If you change text color you will possibly have to change text shadow color to match new text color. To set text shadow color open the shadows options dialog box, select Text Shadow in the dropdown list, and click on the color selector to change shadow color.

To set Button Color open the Lighting Options dialog box. You will see three different color selectors there for three light sources which are shining on the button. Two of these lights can be any position and color. Third light controls self-illumination and can be any color.

Button image size

If you are creating a single button and/or don't need you button to be of a special Width and Height you may skip this step. If you are creating NavBar and want that all NavBar buttons be of the same size you will have to specify button size manually. To do this open Image Options Dialog box. To display this dialog box either click Image Options on the Toolbar at the top of the window or choose Image on the Window menu or press ALT+I. More details of the Image Options dialog box.

Button design options

After creating a button design from the library you may use this design as your final button design o adjust some of the button design options. You can adjust the button Lighting, Texture, Button and text Shadows, Material, Borders, Shape and Extrusion options.

Save button design

To save your button design either click Save on the Toolbar at the top of the window or choose Save on the File menu or press Ctrl+S. This saves the document as an .cb file, and lets you reload it back into Crystal Button in the future.

Export Images with transparent background

Crystal Button supports two image file formats (GIF and PNG) which can be exported with transparent background.
To export button image as a Gif file with transparent background you have to set the transparency check mark on the Export Quality Menu which is turned off by default.

Screenshots - More Details

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