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Bryht Task Calendar 1.1 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

Frequently Asked Questions - Bryht Task Calendar

  1. How to create task in calendar view?
    For example, creating a task which will be scheduled at 9:00-10:30.

    In daily calendar view, press left button of mouse on grid of 9:00 and drag the mouse to the grid of 10:30, release the button then click the right button and select "New Task", a task properties dialog will appear. Type text in the subject field and select "Save" button to save the task.

  2. How to reschedule task in calendar view?
    (1) Reschedule task and keep the during time unchanged: Hold left button of mouse on a task and drag it to the appropriate position.

    (2) Reschedule the start time of task: Hold left button of mouse on top or left border of a task and drag it to the appropriate position.

    (3) Reschedule the end time of task: Hold left button of mouse on bottom or right border of a task and drag it to the appropriate position.

  3. How to edit my daily tasks in list view?
    Select "Today" view in the left pane and select "List View" on the toolbar. Start to edit tasks in the task list table. You may use Left, Right, Up, Down, Tab, Shift-tab, Home and End keys to move the cursor. Press Enter key to insert a new row. Press save button when you finished the edit.

  4. How to display or edit details of a task?
    Double click on the task in the task list view or calendar view will open a task properties dialog to show the selected task.

  5. Why have some tasks disappeared after I pressed the save button?
    Bryht Task Calendar will reload the tasks data after you save them. The tasks which are not belong to the current tasks view will not be shown. e.g. A task which is scheduled in tomorrow will not be shown in "Today" view.

    Some tasks may temporarily be hidden by the filter. Remove the filter to see all of the tasks.

  6. How to import and export tasks data?
    Select menu "File\Import" to import tasks data from an outside file.

    Select menu "File\Export" to export tasks data to a file.

  7. How to backup and restore my data?
    Select menu "File\Backup" to backup the database to a single file.

    Select menu "File\Restore" to restore the database from a single data file. Attention: all of the data of the current database will be replace by the restore data.

Screenshots - More Details

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