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Business Card Creator for Word 4.0 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

Frequently Asked Questions - Business Card Creator for Word

  1. Why do I get a prompt to convert the file when I try to open a Word document (.doc) file? Why do I get errors when I try to install your Word for Windows Programs/Templates?
    Most likely, these files are Word 97/2000 formatted files. If you have Word 7 (or 6), and wish to read Word 97/2000 files, you'll need to download the Word 97/2000 converter FREE from Microsoft's web site at, or This will allow you to convert any Word 97 file to Word 7 or 6; some of the automation macros may not be there; but in all cases they are not necessary.

  2. How come I can't find the templates I just installed when I click on File | New in Word? And, how come things I just installed are not there when I start Word?
    It sounds like your install did not run properly.
    Follow these steps to correct the problem.
    1. Download the latest version to ensure you have the most up-to-date program and installation routine.
    2. Uninstall the current program from either your Start Menu or Control Panel. (Close Word first)
    3. Reinstall the newly downloaded program by running either the executable you downloaded or setup.exe.
    4. When installing PAY CLOSE ATTENTION to the question about your STARTUP and/or TEMPLATE folder.
    * You MUST specify these correctly. If you do not, you will be UNABLE to use the program.
    * TEMPLATE folder may be anywhere on your system... often it's in the same folder as the STARTUP folder.
    * You can check these options from Word by looking under the Tools | Options menu and File Locations.
    * You can also use Windows Explorer to help you locate the proper folder.
    5. Be sure to specify the proper folders when asked, as the automated locater may find old or incorrect folders.
    6. Complete the install.
    7. Start Word -- it should be there.

  3. Do your templates work with Macintosh Word?
    Yes, they do! Either download the PC version and unzip on your Mac, or, download the Mac-ready SIT files from

Screenshots - More Details

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