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AAA Logo 1.21 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

How to use AAA Logo

  1. Download and install AAA Logo - logo design software.

  2. Choose logo template from library or start a blank logo

  3. Add new logo objects, customize/replace objects from template

  4. Customize colors and effects

  5. Adjust overall logo colors

  6. Export you new logo for the Web or printing !
High-Resolution Printing

With AAA Logo you can create high quality logo and export image for high resolution printing. Once you have created a logo and saved your logo project file you can print logo image or prepare your logo for printing and send it to any image printing service.

To print created logo image:
  1. Export logo as a BMP or TIFF file (File->Export Logo menu option)
  2. Set the resolution parameter to a 300 or 600 DPI (pixels per inch) value
  3. To increase actual image size set the scale output parameter to a higher value. (please note: this parameter can be disabled if you import bitmap-based non-scalable objects into your logo project)
  4. Print it using your printer software or any image editing application.

Frequently Asked Questions - AAA Logo

  1. Can I sell logos created with AAA Logo to my clients?
    Yes, you can

  2. How many logos can I create?
    You can create as many logos as you wish.

  3. What file formats I will be able to save the logo when I am finished with my design?
    You can export as gif,png,bmp,jpg or tiff files with any resolution.

  4. How can I remove logo templates?
    You can remove logo template files from Program Files\aaalogo\templates\ directory.

Screenshots - More Details

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