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Acoustica Photos Forever 1.13 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

Frequently Asked Questions - Acoustica Photos Forever

  1. How do I remove a folder of photos or images I don't want?
    The software is really designed to back everything up and err on the side of over-doing it. However, you can select an image that is in a folder you don't want. After selecting it, uncheck the folder checkbox underneath the preview image area. This is a handy way to remove whole directories of images you don't want. You can clear them out of the list by then clicking "Remove Unchecked"

  2. What file formats are supported?
    The software automatically supports the following image formats:
    • jpg, jpeg, jpe (JPEG)
    • png
    • bmp (Windows Bitmap)
    • jfif, tif, tiff
    • pef, ref, raf, dcr, crw, nef, x3f (RAW digital camera formats)

  3. How can I backup photos and images sent to me by email?
    You will need to add your email attachment directory to the "Custom Folders" and make sure that "Custom Folders" is checked. Click "Edit" to add the directory. Check for more information depending on email program that you use.

    Outlook or Outlook Express - Unfortunately, Outlook does store images in an accessible format. You'll need to go into Outlook and right click on each image to save it in another location.

    Eudora - Photos will be stored in a sub-folder called "Attach". The normal path is "C:\Program Files\Qualcomm\Eudora\Attach"

  4. Why isn't it finding my photos?
    Not all images on your computer are your photos and so we have to be selective in the photos we show initially. However, if you know the directory that your pictures are in, you can always add that directory.
    1. On the second screen of the wizard, select "Edit"
    2. Click "Add" and navigate to the directory you'd like to add. (Note that the search will include all sub-folders)
    3. Click "OK"
    4. Make sure that "Custom Folders" is checked.
    If you aren't sure, try selecting a root drive such as "C" or "D".

  5. Changing the size of the printed photos
    After successfully burning the CDs and DVDs, you will have a chance to print out all the images for reference! You can adjust the size of each image. For many people, a 1/2 inch image is pretty useless. It is fine for those of us with 20/20, etc. The good thing about printing 1/2 inch images is that you can get alot of them on a single page. You can get about 180 1/2 inch images on a sheet of 8 1/2 X 11 " paper. You can print them up to 3" each, but be prepared to print a lot of paper and use a lot of ink.

    A magnifying glass may come in handy for identifying a specific picture!

  6. Burn failures troubleshooting
    There are many reasons why a burn can fail. Here are some things to check:
    • Try a different blank CD or DVD.
    • Do a test first
    • Try a different brand of blank CD or DVD. Sometimes Sony CDRs work better with Sony burners or TDK's get along better with Samsung burners, etc.
    • Turn off or shut down other CD burning programs or programs that have CD burning capability such as iTunes, Roxio, Nero, Acoustica MP3 CD Burner, etc.
    • Try burning at a slower speed.
    • If you have more than one CD burner, try the other one. Shut down all programs running and leave your computer alone during burning.

  7. What does reordering do?
    Reordering is a very handy way of making sure that your photos are easily identifiable. For example, you may have 10 folders filled with images from your digital camera and they may be titled "dig-camera001" thru "dig-camera200". However, when you print out the thumbnails, it will show the name as 'era001' thru 'era200'. And since the images were in different folders, they could have the same name. The reordering makes it very easy to reference a picture on a CD. So if you send to a photo lab or a friend, you can say print picture "93" and not have to worry that they print the wrong one! In addition, to renaming the photos, when this option is chosen, there are no folders on the destination CD or DVD.

  8. After burning, the CD/DVD appears blank!
    Due to ASPI layer system conflicts, you may need to quit Photos Forever in order to see the photos you have just burned. This should only happen when using the Goldenhawk burning engine.

Screenshots - More Details

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