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Argentum Backup 2.50 - User Guide and FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions - Argentum Backup

  1. How do I restore from my backups?
    Argentum Backup has no built-in restore feature as there is simply no need for one. You can easily run restore operations from within any major Zip utility. Microsoft Windows XP supports Zip files integrally. The path information stored in Zip backup files will point you to the original locations for your files.

  2. Does Argentum Backup back up only new and changed files or does it process all files each time it updates the existing backup?
    Argentum Backup always processes only new and changed files and folders. This is true for both backup operation modes: Zip compression mode and native file copying mode. However, in Zip compression mode, in order to update any single file in the Zip backup file, the entire Zip backup file has to be recreated.

  3. When trying to open it, I get the message that my newly created Zip backup file is invalid or corrupted. What should I do?
    Your backup file is probably over 4 GB in size. Windows XP currently has no support for Zip files larger than 4 GB in size.

    Alternatively, you can split your larger task into a few smaller ones, so that each backup file is within 4 GB. You can also switch your task into the file copying mode. There are some performance issues involved when updating large Zip files, thereby Zip compression is not recommended for large volumes of data.

  4. I keep receiving the error message that there is not enough space on my destination drive, even though there is plenty of free space there. What can I do?
    support individual files to be over 4 GB in size. The destination drive must be formatted as NTFS in order to store files over 4 GB in size. You have to format your drive as NTFS.

    Using another way, you can refer to the answer of question 3.

  5. My backup file is more than a single disc can hold. How can I back it up on more than one disc? Is there a way to split or span it?
    Unfortunately, Argentum Backup has no support for automatic disk spanning. It always assumes that you have enough space on the destination media. You may want to split your larger task into a few smaller ones, so that each one meets the size constraint.

Screenshots - More Details

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