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Auto Backup 2.4 - User Guide and FAQ

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How to backup automatically

First, you must set the backup time for the automatic backup task. Open the Auto Backup main window. In the "Backup Tasks" list, select the backup task which you want to backup automatically. Press the "Edit..." button to open the "Edit Backup Task" dialog box, and select the "Schedule" tab sheet to set the backup time.(See also the "New Backup Task" dialog box.

To enable a backup automatically, you can use any of the methods here:
  • In the Auto Backup main window "Backup Tasks" list, check the box on the left of the Task name which you want to backup automatically.
  • In the "Edit Backup Task" dialog, select the "Options" tab sheet, check the "Auto Backup" box.
  • In the Auto Backup main window, "Backup tasks" list, right-click on the backup task name to pop up the context menu, check the "Auto Backup" menu item.
  • Right-click on the "system tray icon", pop up the "tray menu", enter the "Tasks" menu item, select the task name which you want to backup automatically then check the "Auto Backup" submenu item.

Frequently Asked Questions - Auto Backup

  1. Can I perform backup of different files or folders at a time?
    Yes. You can backup as many files or folders as you need in one backup task. You can create many backup tasks, and they can work at a time.

  2. Is it possible to backup an open file which is in use by another program?
    Yes. It is possible. To be backed up, such files should have read access. Auto Backup does not backup files that not accessible for reading (particularly, system files like pagefile.sys, file opened without sharing permission, loaded modules EXEs and DLLs, etc.), you can specify the "Ignore locked files" to skip them.

  3. How to create backup archive to network folder when Auto Backup work as service?
    Please click the "Service" button to open the "Auto Backup Service manager" dialog, change the "Log on" to "This account" and specifies your account name and password.

Screenshots - More Details

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