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Eazy Backup 3.0 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

Backup - Introduction

The Eazy Backup function is performed by a "Wizard" type of interface using 5 steps:

Step 1 - Select the Application(s) to be included in the backup.

Step 2 - Select the data to be included with each Application.

Step 3 - Save the parameters for re-use as a Job.

Step 4 - Select a location (disk drive to use) for the Backup.

Step 5 - Create the backup.

Restore - Introduction

The Restore function is performed by a "Wizard" type of interface. The layout is the same as used in the Backup function.

The first step in the Restore is to select a backup file containing the data you wish to restore. Clicking the "Restore" button will allow you to select the backup desired. Find the file and click "Open" to begin the restore

The Restore Wizard consists of two steps:

Step 1 - Select the files to be restored

Step 2 - Perform the Restore

Frequently Asked Questions - Eazy Backup

  1. How often should I do a backup?
    Regular Backup - Make a backup regularly. You never know when you will need one. Eazy Backup includes a reminder function for just this purpose.

    Cycle the Backup - If you use re-recordable media (e.g., a zip disk) do not rely on one backup disk. Use a set of backup disks. For example, use three sets (A, B, C). Make a backup on set A, then on set B, and then on set C. Restart again using set A, then B, etc. This way, if the media goes bad (not impossible at all), you still have the prior backup available.

    Use CD if possible - CD's are inexpensive and, if handled properly, very reliable.

    Keep the Backup Safe - The backup file (or at least one copy from a set) should be kept away from the computer, preferable off site. A backup disk that is in the computer that is stolen is not very much good.

Screenshots - More Details

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