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FoolProof Backup! 5.1 - User Guide and FAQ

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A Quick Start Guide to Using FoolProof Backup!

FoolProof Backup! is actually very simple to use. This guide gives you a basic step-by-step guide to getting FoolProof Backup! operational quickly.
  1. Start FoolProof Backup!.
  2. Go to Edit -> Settings on the top menu.
  3. Go though the Settings dialog box, paying particular attention to where you want to store your backup on the Backup to tab. Save your settings.
  4. On the Side menu go to Backup -> Folder Monitors. Click it the folder monitors tab page will now be open. You can add specific folders here, or you can step through the What to backup... assistant to be more comprehensive. Once you have added folders to your Folder Monitors, then you can proceed.
  5. Set your Scheduler from the Side menu, by clicking the Scheduler side menu. Set your backup frequency, and click apply.
  6. FoolProof Backup! is now ready to perform a backup of your data.
  7. To do a full backup now, on the side menu, click Backup -> Write a Full backup now. This will write a full backup of your data now.
General Tips

Make Sure that all files are closed

Make sure that files that are being backed up are closed. If you are working on a file, FoolProof Backup! may not be able to create a backup of this file. Applications can lock files if they cannot be accurately copied.

Backing up MS Outlook

This applies especially to Microsoft Office documents, and to email - especially MS Outlook. If it is open, it will not successfully backup your Outlook Email.

Frequently Asked Questions - FoolProof Backup!

  1. What is a good Recovery Strategy?
    A backup is only as useful as its associated recovery strategy. Having a complete set of backup disks is of no use if the only copy of the software required to read them is on one of the disks. It is also possible for backup software to run successfully for several months, only to fail when it is needed most due to read errors on the backup media. Magnetic tapes in particular should be read-tested on a regular basis.

  2. What is Grandfather-Father-Son Backup?
    Grandfather-Father-Son Backup refers to the most common rotation scheme for rotating backup media. Originally designed for tape back up, it works well for any hierarchical backup strategy. The basic method is to define three sets of backups, such as daily, weekly and monthly. The daily or Son backups are rotated on a daily basis with one graduating to Father status each week. The weekly or Father backups are rotated on a weekly basis with one graduating to Grandfather status each month. Often one or more of the graduated backups is removed from the site for safekeeping and disaster recovery purposes.

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