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Static Thunderbird Backup

A powerful backup tool which will backup all your emails and settings from Thunderbird.

Download Site           Buy Now $24.95

Version: 2.5 Publisher:
File Size: 1.60 MB System: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista
License: Free to try ($24.95) Limitations:20 days free-trial
Date Added: 05-23-2008 Requirements:

Static Thunderbird Backup

Software Description:
Thunderbird Backup is a powerful backup tool which will backup all your emails and settings from Thunderbird. This wonderful tool can backup all profiles data into an archive. The output archive filename can be generated with timestamp automatically, thus you don't need to type or select the backup archive filename on each time your starting backup process. You can compress and encrypt your backup archive. FTP uploader and CD burner have also built-in, you can upload your archive to your FTP server or burn your archive to CD/DVD writable device. You can use scheduler to setup a time for your backup process. Don't waste your time, just click Download button to download the 20 days free-trial version.

Key Features:
  • Easy to use interface
    Just few clicks will get your email database backed up, in main window, just click 'Backup' button and fill the output archive filename then click 'Start Backup' will get the backed up archive.
  • Compress your backup files
    Thunderbird Backup can compress your backup copy archive with high compress ratio
  • Password protected archive
    You can choose a password to protect your backup archive. Please note, no body can open and restore the archive without the password, so please keep your password safe and write it down if you can not remember it
  • Double click the backup file to restore
    You don't need to choose the backup archive in Thunderbird Restore Wizard again, just simply double-click on the archive in Windows Explorer, Thunderbird Restore Wizard will fill the full path and filename for you
  • Backup Thunderbird database, attachments, settings, accounts, identities settings, contacts, email rules.
    Thunderbird Backup will backup all data from Thunderbird, these settings can be restored after you running the restore wizard
  • Archive filename generator
    Use the filename generator, you can generate your filename with time stamp, using this function, you don't need to choose the archive folder and enter the filename on each backup
  • FTP uploader
    You can upload your archive file onto a FTP server automatically
  • CD/DVD burner
    You can burn the archive file to a writable CD/DVD device
  • Archive size larger than 4GB
    Thunderbird Backup supports more than 4GB file storage
  • Scheduler
    You can schedule your backup process and don't need to start the backup process by your self
Editor's Review:
Static Thunderbird Backup is a powerful backup tool which will backup all your emails and settings from Thunderbird. It can backup all profiles data into an archive.

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