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DupKiller 0.6.3 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

Frequently Asked Questions - DupKiller

  1. How to restore previous settings after their changes?
    First of all, choose those settings which you would like to save, and restart the program. Now you may set all options you want. But it is necessary to uncheck Save settings on exit at Other Options window. After next restart, settings you chose before will be restored.

    Another way is to save DupKiller settings using File=>Save Settings. And when they must be restored -- File=>Load Settings.

    Also you can save current settings as user defaults and, when it is needed, restore them. To do it, use corresponding buttons of the Other Options window.

  2. How can I print the list of duplicate files?
    Current version of DupKiller can not print the list by itself. But you may save the list as HTML-file (execute File=>Save DupFile List and choose Web Page (*.html)) and then print it from browser. Or execute File=>HTML Preview and choose Print in context menu.

  3. I can't obviously understand how contents of files are compared. My information of 50GB size has been scanned less than 10 seconds that is physically impossible reading all content of file. This is really doubtful to me.
    The point is the program does not always need to read full content of files. When two files are compared, their information is read block by block. Then these little blocks are compared byte-to-byte. At the same time it is counting how many per cent the files are identical. If per cent of difference if more than set one, the comparing process breaks. That is these two files can not belong to the same group.

  4. Is it possible to select all of the duplicate files and delete them all?
    No, it is made to prevent casual removal of files. But you can use the Autodelete feature to get rid of dupes much more faster.

  5. How can I adjust the settings for DupKiller, so that byte-to-byte comparison of files is always enabled?
    Enable the Same content option from the Search settings window. Then make sure that the Save settings on exit option is checked. Next time you launch DupKiller, your last settings will be restored.

Screenshots - More Details

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