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PerfectDisk 7.0

Defragment large and complex environment and maintain your system performance according to Microsoft's highest standards of safety and reliability.

Download Site 1       Buy Now $39.99

File Size:3,426 KB System:Windows 2000/XP/2003
License:Free to try ($39.99) Limitations:30-day
Date Added:11-16-2005 Requirements:2.5MB of disk space

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Software Description:
As a certified application for Windows 2000/2003 and also designed for Windows XP, PerfectDisk maintains your system performance according to Microsoft's highest standards of safety and reliability.

It delivers speed, thoroughness, and ease-of-use to all Windows users of home, small business, and large enterprise. PerfectDisk is designed for today's largest disk drives and provides the most comprehensive solution for defragment by optimizing virtually every file on the system, including all metadata, paging files, and directories.

Key Features:
  • Designed for Windows XP-Optimized; network management available from any system, server or workstation.
  • Full integration with Active Directory Group Policy Administrative Templates for enterprise deployment, scheduling, and management.
  • Quickly and efficiently defragment multi-terabyte drives.
  • Single pass defragment of data files and free space; ability to create/modify/view/cancel schedules on remote computers from ANY computer.
  • Patented file placement strategy; network Configuration Manager for non-Active Directory enterprise configuration and management.
  • Defragment drives with as little as 5% free space; user-defined thresholds for defragment.
  • Faster subsequent defragmentation runs; no limitation of number of systems being scheduled.
  • Defragment Master File Table (MFT) and all NTFS metadata; full-featured command line support for both local and remote operations.
  • Detailed fragmentation statistics for ALL files; disk trending.
  • Place MFT according to Microsoft recommendations for improved performance; low system resource (CPU, memory) usage.
  • Defragment directories, the pagefile and the hibernate file; automate compaction/defragment of Microsoft Exchange data stores.
  • Utilize the Microsoft move file Application Program Interface (API).
Editor's Review:
PerfectDisk is a defragmenter for the largest disk drives. It can be used to boost the computer performance.

If you are serious on disk defragment, optimization, and free space consolidation, you'll find PerfectDisk is a right choice.

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