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Super Utilities 5.85 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

How to use Super Utilities to scan registry?

  • Scan the Registry:
    1. Click the box on the item to select the item.
    2. Click the "Scan" button to perform the Scan and During the Scanning, click the "Stop" button to abort Scanning. The tree-view lists all invalid entries.
  • Remove invalid entries:
    1. Select the items to be deleted.
    2. Click "Remove" button to remove the invalid entries.
  • Saving and restoring undo information:
    1. Select the "Undo Information" tab from the Registry Cleaner window.
    2. Select the item listed in the box labeled "Date and Time of Changes" that corresponds to the instance of changes you would like to reverse.
    3. Select the button labeled "Undo Selected Changes".
    4. You will be prompted to confirm your decision to undo these changes. Select "Yes" to this question.
  • Backing up and Restoring the registry:
    1. Backup Now.

      Select this button to save a copy of your complete registry information (which you can restore at a later date if needed). To back up your registry:

      1. Select the button labeled Backup Now.
      2. You will be prompted with a window that asks for a file name and description. (There may be times when you wish to keep several backup copies of the registry under various names.)
      3. Select the button labeled OK to complete the backup process.

    2. Restore

      Select this button to re-import a previously saved backup copy of your registry data. To restore a previously saved copy of your registry:

      1. Select the file you wish to restore from the list of registry backup files you have previously saved.
      2. Select the button labeled Restore.
      3. Select the button labeled Yes in the confirmation dialog that appears.

Frequently Asked Questions - Super Utilities

  1. What is Super Utilities?
    Super Utilities is a cute program designed to fix, speed up, maintain and protect your PC and keep your system running faster, cleaner and error free!

  2. Which operating systems are supported by Super Utilities?
    Super Utilities runs under Microsoft Windows 9X/ME/XP/2000.

  3. Does Super Utilities work on Mac systems?
    Our development team is focusing on PC products at this time. We realize there is a need for Mac support as well; however, our development budget has not yet allowed for us to expand into Mac development. As EFREESKY SOFTWARE grows, we hope to expand our technology!

  4. Lost Registration Info Policy?
    If you register and, for whatever reason, you do not receive an e-mail from us with a registration info or if you are reformatted your hard drive and cannot find your registration info, simply e-mail us and we will send your registration code.

  5. Do I need to uninstall previous versions before installing an updated version?
    Yes, please uninstall all previous versions before installing an update.

  6. How can I register Super Utilities?
    Use this link to purchase it online:
    You'll usually receive your registration code within 24 hours.

Screenshots - More Details

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