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Advanced USB Port Monitor

Advanced USB Port Monitor is USB bus, USB device and protocol analyzer software.

Download Site 1       Download Site 2       Download Site 3       Buy Now $49.00

File Size:2,847 KB System:Windows 2000/XP/2003
License:Free to try ($49.00) Limitations: 
Date Added:02-14-2006 Requirements:pentium 1G or better

the main window
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Software Description:
Advanced USB Port Monitor is USB bus, USB device and protocol analyzer software. Advanced USB Port Monitor packs the robust functionality that customers have come to capture, view and process USB traffic. It offers sophisticated viewing and intelligent searching to accurately and efficiently debug and test High (480Mbps), Full (12Mbps) and Low (1.5Mbps) speed USB devices and software.
Advanced USB Port Monitor design enables users to use it with any USB device, extending beyond the lab environment over to the personal workstations of USB developers and advanced USB device's users. Most users - USB hardware and software developers, advanced users - will appreciate the value and benefit of having a personal USB monitor and analyzer tool to fit their individual needs.
Advanced USB Port Monitor can be used as a "sniffer" and does not affect on traffic between the host and device or software and host.

Key Features:
  • Faster interpretation and debug of USB traffic
  • Kernel driver technology and supports: WDM, WMI, Power Management, PNP, etc.
  • Capable of capturing all USB speeds (USB 2.0 too)
  • Real-Time monitoring and logging (view device traffic as it occurs)
  • Configurable filtering - automatically exclude non-essential and redundant packets from the monitoring
  • Sophisticated viewing - view URB packets of the USB protocol and IRPs of PnP system, Power management system etc.
  • View, explore and browse USB Devices and their related devices such as USB Drives
  • View detailed information about USB device (interfaces, endpoints, registry information, class information, etc - 2 pages report!)
  • View and process USB traffic
  • Tool tips for text in the monitor window
  • View detailed information about each URB or IRP
  • Measure the performance of your USB devices
Editor's Review:
The Advanced USB Port Monitor software allows you to display the packets sent, decode the descriptors, detect errors in peripherals or drivers, and measure device and driver performance. When capturing the packets, the real-time statistical display permits you to check the bus status, even before you look at the packets that have been read. These are displayed in a chronological list together with the peripheral's address and the endpoint number. To make it easier to identify the packets you are interested in the software provides filtering and packet color coding functions. It also gives the user the choice of several levels of detail, and the information taken from the traffic contains references to the USB specification.

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