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Fast Cleaner Gold 1.61 - User Guide and FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions - Fast Cleaner Gold

  1. What is Fast Cleaner Gold?
    Fast Cleaner Gold is the secure and reliable disk and system clean solution for you to free up your valuable hard drive space, clean up and optimize your system, and protects your Internet Privacy by clearing IE cache, cookie, history and other online web tracks.

  2. Is there any need for moving garbage files to RecycleBin?
    Yes! Because if garbage files are moved to RecycleBin, they can be easily recovered. Even if you empty the RecycleBin, you can still use some program such as Norton(R) Safe to recover the files!

  3. What's the Internet Privacy?
    When you surf the Internet, you leave many traces of important information including what websites you have visited, your email address, your credit card number, your password to access some websites and so on. They are all about your Internet Privacy. To protect your important privacy from being stolen from others, you should clean up the following stuff: IE CACHE, IE HISTORY, IE COOKIES, etc. Clean Assistant will do it for you, with a single point and click, you will get rid of these things with ease!

  4. Can I clean up all the files in my Windows Temporary Folder?
    Yes! But in fact, you'd better clean up the files that have not been accessed for a period of time, 3 days typically! This will ensure that other programs will not use these files and they can be deleted safely. So we recommend you to clean up those inactive files in Windows Temporary Folder!

  5. Why does it refrain from eliminating some files when I perform disk cleanup?
    Because the files you want to clean up are either important ones or used by your system currently, you can not clean up them. For the smooth running of your computer,please do not try to eliminate important files even though they appear as junk files.

Screenshots - More Details

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