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Optimum XP 1.4

Optimum XP offers a lot of tools to optimize your CPU, RAM, hardware, software, Internet and network etc.

Download Site 1       Download Site 2       Download Site 3       Buy Now $19.95

File Size:961 KB System:Windows XP
License:Free to try ($19.95) Limitations:30 days
Date Added:12-12-2005 Requirements:Microsoft Windows XP Home or Pro

The Screenshot of Optimum XP
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Software Description:
Optimum XP makes it easy to accelerate, secure and totally customize your Windows XP Home or Pro system with over 150 powerful tweaks and hidden Registry settings. It can be used to optimize your CPU, RAM, hard drive, Internet speed, network, security, Windows, Internet Explorer, MS Office and many other applications.

Optimum XP uses minimal system resources and is very user friendly. It provides lots of tools to increase file system performance, Internet speed, security and privacy. This application allows you to free up RAM and hard drive space. Optimum XP even supports optimizing hardware configurations. It also can do many other for you. Optimize and tweak Windows XP with Optimum XP!

Key Features:
  • Increase CPU priority
  • Can free up RAM
  • Free up hard drive space
  • Can increase file system performance
  • Can increase Internet speed
  • Can increase security and privacy
  • Optimize hardware configurations
  • Enhance network communications
Editor's Review:
Optimum XP offers a lot of tools to optimize your CPU, RAM, hardware, software, Internet and network etc. This software includes many features such as increase CPU priority, free up RAM, optimize hard drive space, accelerate file system performance, accelerate Internet speed, and optimize hardware configurations and so on.

It provides a simple user interface to you. You will easily optimize system and customize your Windows XP with it. It is sure that Optimum XP may save lots of your space.

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