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SuperRam 5.4.10 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

Frequently Asked Questions - SuperRam

  1. Why does SuperRam close every 60 minutes?
    SuperRam closes every 60 minutes to remind you to register the software. Due to how the software works we put this time restriction in to distinguish the demo version from the full version. When you register SuperRam there will be no 60 minute time restrictions.

  2. SuperRam keeps allocating memory and never stops. Why does this happen?
    If you have set the amount of memory to maintain at a very high value then SuperRam will repeatly continue to try to free memory. You should try setting the amount of memory to maintain at a reasonable level, also trying to increase the amount of memory to free may also be helpful. These settings can be changed in the Settings Window.

Screenshots - More Details

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