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Remove 4.0 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

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Using the program

The user interface of Remove is very simple and user-friendly. In fact, the main window consists of the menubar and two separate parts which are "Remove/Uninstall Programs" and "Restore Removed Entries".

Invalid, phantom, and obsolete program entries in red
The newest version of Remove is able to highlight your phantom program entries. If the uninstaller for a particular program no longer exists on your computer, Remove highlights the program entry in red. In other words, the entries which should be removed or have something wrong with their uninstaller locations, will be displayed in red. The normal entries which do not have incorrect uninstaller locations, missing files, and things like that are still listed in black.

User-friendly application names
If you want the user interface to be even more user-friendly, make sure that you have turned on the new "User-Friendly Application Names" option from the "View" menu. It is recommend to use the user-friendly application names because of two reasons. First of all, Remove will then be easier and more secure to use. On the other hand, Remove will display more program version numbers by protecting your program entries. When you are using user-friendly application names, you are allowed to modify less program entries than normally.

If you want to modify more program entries, you should turn off the "User-Friendly Application Names". Then Remove will run faster, too.

Removing entries with an automatic backup feature
When using Remove, it is very easy and fast to remove your invalid Add/Remove Programs entries. This tiny application allows you to remove all those unwanted entries with a click of a mouse button. Just go to the "Remove/Uninstall Programs" part of the program and choose one entry to be removed. Once the program has been chosen, just right-click it and select "Remove Entry".

Remove will remove the entry from the Add/Remove Programs list and backup the entry allowing you to restore it later.

Restoring and deleting removed program entries
If you regret and would like to undo your last or any other remove actions, just activate the "Restore Removed Entries" tab. There you will see a complete list of all the programs you already have removed from the Add/Remove Programs list with Remove. To get your entry back to the system registry, go and right-click the application you wish to be restored and select "Restore Entry".

You can delete a backup file by selecting it and choosing the menu command "Delete Backup".

Uninstalling Windows software
To uninstall your programs, go to the "Remove/Uninstall Programs" section and select the program you wish to be uninstalled. Once the program has been chosen, right-click it, and finally select "Uninstall Application". When the uninstallation process ends successfully or fails, Remove will refresh its lists automatically.

If the uninstaller cannot delete the program entry from the Add/Remove Programs list, Remove asks you if you want to delete it. It also takes a backup from the original entry information which you can restore by going to the "Restore Removed Entries" section and following the steps mentioned above.

Before uninstalling your software, please note there are no undo or undelete commands available for restoring uninstalled programs! Anyway, you are able to restore the program entries you decided to remove from the Add/Remove Programs applet from the Control Panel.

Modifying program entries
To modify the program entries, select one of the programs by right-clicking it. Select "Modify". Once the modify window has been opened, just modify the program name, uninstaller location, and/or program's version number. After finishing, click "OK" to save the changes you have made.

There is also the checkbox "Backup the original data" and when you select it, Remove will backup the modified program entries. In other words, you will be able to restore the old values any time you wish.

Copying program information to the Windows Clipboard
When you activate the "Remove/Uninstall Programs" tab and right-click list items, the context-menu opens and lets you copy program names, uninstaller locations, and version numbers to the Windows Clipboard if they are available.

Screenshots - More Details

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