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DivXToDVD - User Guide and FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions - DivXToDVD

  1. My files to burn are 4.38 GB big (or bigger) and I am using a 4.7 GB DVD disc, why won't it fit on the media?
    A 4.7 GB disc will only hold 4.37 GB of data, the computer sees 1 GB as 1,073,741,824 bytes.
    The disc manufactures see 1 GB as 1,000,000,000 bytes. So for them a 4.7GB DVD disc holds 4,700,000,000 bytes. That divided by 1,073,714,824 (a real GB) makes 4.37 GB of real data storage.

  2. You say I can only put 4.37 GB of data on a DVD, so how do I put larger movies on a disc?
    Either you transcode the DVD to reduce its size or you use a Double Layer media, which holds 8.5GB, if your writer supports that.

  3. What is a transcoder and where do I get one?
    A transcoder is used to compress a DVD movie to fit it onto a normal 4.3 GB media. Visit this page to download such products.

  4. Why won't my backups made with BlindWrite work in other computers?
    You should download and install the Autoplay filter on the computer you are trying to run the backup on. The Autoplay filter can be found on our downloads page.

  5. CopyToDVD and BlindWrite do not handle encrypted DVDs. What can I do?
    In some countries bypassing the copy protection is illegal, that's why we did not include this feature. You can try to find some tools to make this possible such as DVD Decrypter, DVD43, or DVDIdle. Please keep in mind this is illegal and we take no responsibility for the legal consequences this might cause to you.

  6. Is there a functional difference between the trial and the registered version?
    Most trial versions are not limited in their function. We highly recommend to test before you buy, to make sure your hardware is compatible with the product you want to obtain.

Screenshots - More Details

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