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ADShareit SWF to Video Converter Pro - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

Download Site 1       Download Site 2       Download Site 3       Buy Now $149.95

How to use it?
Step1: Add/Edit SWF File List

Click "Add" menu to open the SWF file in file folders, and add them into the file list. You can select *.swf or *.exe files (executable flash file).

Step2:Export Settings
AVI / MPEG / Animated GIF / Image Sequence / Audio Settings

Step3: Preview

ADShareit SWF to Video Converter also offer flash player function. You can preview every flash movie before converting. Just click an item in file list.

Step4: Convert

Click "Convert" button to show "Converting" form, and ready to begin converting.

Frequently Asked Questions - ADShareit SWF to Video Converter Pro

  1. Sometimes video and audio is not sync each other in the result video file, how to fix it?
    (1) The synchronization result of video and audio is highly depend on the computer performance. For example, your swf file framerate is 30fps, but the actual framerate maybe only 25fps if your computer performance is bad, this will cause synchronization problems. In this case, please check the "Automatically synchroniz video and audio" checkbox in the "Audio Settings" tab to fix the problems. (2) If it is only a gap of a few seconds between audio and video, you can fix it by checking the "Manually synchroniz video and audio" checkbox and set how many seconds you will move the audio forward or backward. (3) Sometimes, the streaming audio in flash movie will cause the out of sync problem. To get the best result, we suggest to change the streaming sound to event sound, and disable the "Audio Streaming" setting in the Publish Setting Dialog Box when you export flash to swf.

  2. No sound in the converted video file, what's the wrong?
    (1) In the "Audio Settings" tab of "Settings" form, press "Advanced" button to open Windows System Recording Control setting window. (2) In the Recording Control, make sure the Waveform device(or "Stereo Mixer", "Wave out Mix" or other alike device name) is checked. And adjust the recording volume by the dragging slider. (3) Launch the Windows Recorder Program and try to record system sound. You may make beep sound by left clicking on the small speaker icon of the system tray and adjust the volume. (4) If the Windows Recorder can successfully record the system sound, then our program can work normally.

  3. We're getting a buzzing sound while playing the result video file, why?
    I think the "Microphone" device maybe checked in your Recording Control. In the Recording Control, please make sure the Waveform device(or "Stereo Mixer", "Wave out Mix" or other alike device name) is checked. Please see the previous question's answer for the details. No sound in the converted video file.

  4. Questions about flash main-frames and sub-frames... (Strongly recommend to read)
    I think your swf file is a "Single Frame" swf file, it means your swf file have only one frame or several frames, we called these "Main-frames", but many "Sub-frames" include in every Main-frame.Only main-frames number is recorded in a swf file, so our application only can get the main-frames number as the default converted frames. For example, your swf file have one background frame, and have 100 frames include in the background frame to show the Movie Symbol moving across, in this case, our application set the "Export frames" as "Export from 1 to 1", but in fact, your swf file have 100 frames, so you should set it as "Export from 1 to 100" manually.

  5. Have installed the registered version, but still have X on the converted file picture, why?
    Please notice that you must uninstall your trial copy at first, and then install the registered version again. If you still have some problems, please send us email right now, we will give you resopnse as soon as possible.

Screenshots - More Details

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