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All-into-One FLASH Mixer 3.2 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

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Frequently Asked Questions - All-into-One FLASH Mixer

  1. How to modify the position of the FLASH added?
    Drag a flash from the workspace and drop it to another position.

  2. How to delete a added flash?
    To delete the added flash you can:
    1. Click on a flash from the workspace, and press key "Del".
    2. Click on a flash thumbnail from the FLASH list, and then click Delete button or press key "Del".

  3. How to scale the size of FLASH?
    Click on a flash from the workspace or click on a flash thumbnail from the FLASH list, and then click scale up or scale down button at the operation panel.

  4. Why the speed of flash is more slowly than before?
    Because our default setting of flash rate is 12 / sec, and the flash your added is more higher than 12, so you can modify it from the "Project settings".

  5. How to make the size of flash is the same as the size of background picture?
    In the "Project Settings" window, make sure the "The same as size of background picture" is selected, and the size of flash is changed to the size of background's picture. If you do not choose any picture, the size of flash is zero. After you choose the picture, the size of flash will be calculated.

  6. How to make a flash at the up level of one?
    Choose the flash which you want to make it upon from the flash list, click "up" button, and it will swith the the depth of selected flash and upon flash.

  7. How to mix flash?
    After all the processing, click "save" button from the operation panel, it will display a dialog box, you can choose the type of export file, SWF or EXE. We recommend you clicking on "Save as *.SWF" button, choose the path of export file. And the program will generate flash. After that, there is a report for the generating information, click "Yes" to view your mixed flash!

  8. Why there is no response when I clicking "new" or "save" button?
    Because some flash you added is not standard, so they blocked the popup of new and save dialog, you can switch to another program and set back, the window will be shown.

Screenshots - More Details

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