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SWFKit Pro - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

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The File menu offers the following commands:

  1. New creates a new project
  2. Open opens an existing project
  3. Save Saves an opened project using the same filename
  4. Save as Saves an opened project to a specified filename
  5. Import Script Imports an existing script to the project
  6. Export Script Saves a script in the project to a specified filename
  7. Exit Exits SWFKit

Frequently Asked Questions - SWFKit Pro

  1. We often need to exchange data between Action Script and FFish Script. In the section ``Add more functions to your application'' we discussed a sample about saving game scores. The ``score'' variable for a player is defined in FFish Script, how can the Flash movie access the variable to update the score of the player?
    The most direct way to exchange data between AS and FS is to use these two methods. In fact, in all other two ways these two methods will be called at last implicitly. The methods are provided by the Macromedia Flash Player ActiveX Object and SWFKit wraps them in the FlashPlayer object. These four methods provide an easier way to exchange arrays and objects between the Action Script and FFish Script.

Screenshots - More Details

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