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FTDVD Author 4.0 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

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Frequently Asked Questions - FTDVD Author

  1. Why does my source files can not be converted by this software?
    These formats files are supported:Avi, Mpeg, Divx, Xvid, Rm, Rmvb, Wmv, Asf. And the relevant encoder engine is integrant.

  2. I can not capture picture when I preview the clips.
    When add files to DVD menu, you'd better wait for few seconds till reading it completely, or else you will not capture its clip.

  3. The picture of my menu's background quality is not very good.
    In order to get higher quality of DVD menu, it is important that the size of your own background picture is bigger than 800*600.

  4. How much free hard disc is enough?
    You need to make sure that there is enough free disk space (lager than 5GB) in your hard disc .Generally speaking , to create a 4.2G DVD you need 8.4 G free disk space (when all the jobs are finished ,the software will release the free space). You'd better set the largest disk root for working folder, or else, the converting job can not go along successfully. You have to clear your working folder in order to get enough space to converting.

  5. I find that the process of the burning job is not very successful.
    The burning speed need to match DVD disk standard speed, otherwise, your DVD disk will be damaged during burning process. There is some relevant prevention in Super DVD Creator. Before the burning job, you'd better make sure your preparation is sufficient, because once start burning, you can not stop it, if you want to cancel it, the DVD disk and burner may be damaged. Therefore, you can install more encoder engines to convert more types of files

  6. How to create my first DVD:
    1. Run FreeTime DVD Author. You will get 4 choices: a. make a VCD/SVCD/DVD disc from source clips directly; b. convert video to vob format; c. create the DVD menu; d. just burn the existent VCD/SVCD/ DVD format to VCD/SVCD/DVD disc.
    2. convert video to vob
    3. create DVD menu
    4. video disc builder
    5. done and enjoy your movie

Screenshots - More Details

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