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PPT2DVD - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

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Frequently Asked Questions - PPT2DVD

  1. What are the differences between trial version and registered version?
    As to trial version, there will be a watermark on your generated PowerPoint DVD presentations, and you can only use this software up to 15 days. Moreover, the registered version enable you to enjoy our free upgrades and timely after-sales services.

  2. What's TV standard?
    TV standard is the video standard used in a country. It includes PAL/SECAM and NTSC. North America, Korea and Japan use NTSC. Most of other countries use PAL.

  3. What are the differences between Personal License, Business License and Site License ?
    The Personal License is used only for personal purposes. Most users buy Personal Licenses. The Business License is used for business purposes. They both only allow to be used on one computer. The Site License gives the legal ability to produce copies of a piece of software for a given location. This is granted by our company (for a fee) to a location that needs many copies of a particular piece of software. There are no function differences among the three.

  4. Can this program keep all the originals of my PPT file, like preset timings, animations, video and audio, all transitions?
    Basically, our program can keep all the originals. If your PPT file is quite complicated, and you can't sort it out when using it, please feel free to contact us at Online Support System ( OSS ) with your problem or send us the PPT file for checking.

  5. What are differences between the Auto Play Mode and the Manual Play Mode?
    In the Auto Play Mode, you can adjust the duration of every slide by clicking the "Increase the duration of the selected slide" button and the "Decrease the duration of the selected slide" button .You can import the audio files you like as background music. You can also preview it on full screen by clicking the "Preview the selected slide on full screen?button where can preview it and adjust the duration of every slide at the same time to be better coordinated to the sequences of the background music you just added or have your narration recorded. The result would be fascinated. In the Manual Play Mode, you can insert the audio file and have narration recorded to every specific slide. You can view the converted file on PC with Window Media Player (9.0 or above) and Power DVD, and navigate it by pressing "Enter" and "Space" on keyboard. You could also view it on you home DVD Player by using the remote control for navigation.

  6. Why can't I use the "Decrease the duration of the selected slide"button? Sometime it is dim.
    Our program doesn't support decreasing the original durations of slides. Only when you increase the original durations, then you can use this function to decrease it.

  7. Why the animations in my original PPT file are still when converted?
    It may due to the animations inserted in the PPT file are as GIF/TIF/TIFF format which isn't so well supported in this version. Please convert them into some kind of video format, and then see how it goes. Our future version will support all those formats; your patience would be greatly appreciated.

Screenshots - More Details

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