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Movie Organizer 3.6 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

How to filter?

When in the Set Filter window:
  1. Select fields to be used in the filter (the box on the right) from the fields list on the left.
  2. A filter criteria for each field used in the filter can be specified using the Edit button below (see: Setting a filter criterion for a data field).
  3. Use the 'Scope' selection to specify the filter kind:
    • All records: display all records (clear the filter results).
    • Normal filter: use the filter as is.
    • Reversed filter: reverse the action of the filter.
  4. Press the Apply button to see the effects of your filter settings.
The result: Filtering results in a range of records that meet your criteria specified in the filter dialog box.

Load filter: Retrieve a previously saved filter from a filter template file.

Save filter: Save current filter in a filter template file.

Note: You can't set filters for multi-line edit boxes in the filter dialog box. You can use the non stop search function for this purpose.

Hint: You can also use Filters for selecting subsets of records for Printing.

Frequently Asked Questions - Movie Organizer

  1. How to enter graphics?
    You can enter graphic from a file (GIF, JPEG, PNG, PCX, BMP), capture graphic from a screen, or enter graphic from any TWAIN compliant image capturing device (scanners, digital cameras, ...). Using the right mouse button click on the graphic field and select the Load, Screen Capture, or Scan command.

  2. Why Letter Tabs Are Not Working?
    Letter Tabs can only be active if you select a Primary Sort Field (the field must be of a text type, e.g. not numeric or date type). Just click on Advanced/Sort and select a Primary Sort Field. If the Letter Tabs are still not active click on Options and select Enable Letter Tabs.

Screenshots - More Details

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