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ImTOO DVD to PSP Suite   - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

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Frequently Asked Questions - ImTOO DVD to PSP Suite

  1. When I almost complete install, ImTOO DVD Ripper asks me to install Adaptec ASPI. What is ASPI?
    ASPI (Advanced SCSI Programming Interface) is a Programming Interface created by Adaptec that allows programmers to issue SCSI commands to any device on any of the Windows platforms. You need to install ASPI along with ImTOO DVD Ripper, otherwise you can't rip files over than 2 GB.

  2. Can ImTOO DVD Ripper rip files encoded with CSS encryption technology?
    Yes, ImTOO DVD Ripper can rip protected movies. But that doesn't mean it can rip all DVDs. For some reasons, a few of DVDs still cannot be copied.

  3. I have many music video disks, I hope to rip each music file to single file. How could I?
    Click the button next to "Rip and Encode All", select "Encode Chapters?-" to open "Define Volume" dialog. Click "All chapters>>", ImTOO DVD Ripper will add each chapter (each file) to list as single file. Click the button "Encode" to save these encoded files to your specified folder.

  4. I just want to copy audio section of a DVD and save it to MP3, can I do it?
    ImTOO DVD Ripper doesn't support this feature. You can get DVD Audio Ripper to convert your DVDs to MP3 or WAV file.

  5. Sometimes I get an error message when I preview a movie, but after I click "OK", all buttons become unavailable, how can I do?
    You just need click "Stop" button under the preview window, and all button will be normal.

  6. What is the difference between the detect and force 24Hz in input settings?
    Some NTSC DVDs are marked as 29.97 frame rate, but in fact they are 23.97 progressive. So you get a message said "Too much sample try other frame rate". If you select "detect prog 24Hz", ImTOO DVD Ripper will detect that type of DVD. This detection may not work so you have to check "Force 24Hz" if you think that this detection has failed and set output frame rate to 23.97. If the DVD isn't 23.97, you may get the same error. Then please try other frame rates.

  7. when I rip some DVDs I get an error "MPEG2Dec: Error during decoder initialization.", why?
    If you get this message you can try to rip VOB file of your DVD, click the button "VOB" and select a file, then click the button "Rip and Encode All" to rip. But may it's no useful. Please understand that ImTOO DVD Ripper can rip the most DVDs, but cannot guarantee ripping ALL DVDs, because DVDs are encrypted.

  8. I have a very long movies, how can I rip it?
    You can split the large file to several small files. When you rip a DVD which probably generates a large file , please select Volume Size as "Custom size", then click "Settings" and input the number. If you input "600MB", ImTOO DVD Ripper will split the 1.2GB file to two 600MB files.

Screenshots - More Details

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