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Koala Player XP 3.0 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

Main Features

  • High quality subtitle engine
  • Subtitle Autoalign, selected font charset saved
  • Subtitle intelligence engine (new)
  • Easy fast-use gui: control panel, preview window, context menu
  • Visible control panel on full screen mode
  • Skin support - with button selection
  • Editable skins with Stardock SkinStudio application
  • Multilanguage support
  • Resizable preview window
  • Fullscreen playing
  • Custom playback rates
  • Command line support
  • Pan-scan
  • Custom Screen Ratio and zoom
  • Full zoom
  • Bookmarks
  • S/PDIF output supported for AC3 files - with InterVideo Audio Decoder filter
  • AviFix module with anti-freeze option - for repairing corrupted avi files
  • Easy subtitle editor
  • Remote control support - WinLIRC
  • Filter in use list and filter property configuration
  • Playlist (2.5)
  • Support for 13 subtitle file formats (2.5)
  • Drag & Drop (2.5)
  • Option to Prevent Screen Saver and Power Managment
  • Playing video & audio files. Support for displaying lyrics (2.5)
  • Preferences window (new)
  • Network searching for newest versions (new)
  • Auto-hide video window for audio files option (new)
  • Minimize to tray option (new)

First Start

If you never used Koala Player see belowed indication to make start easier with this player.

Suppose you want to play a movie file with subtitle file.

Run KoalaPlayer.exe file. Press Load Film button of control panel. Enter folder with your movie, select it (you can select a few media files by pressing CTRL key and clicking another media files). Clik on Open button.

Now you should load subtitle file. Press Load subtitles button. You will see a dialog window. Select subtitle file and press Open button.

To start playing media file press Play button.

Now you are watching the movie in windowed mode. If you want to watch it on the full screen press key F5 or click on Full Screen button.

You are able to change size of subtitle font by pressing SHIFT+UP or SHIFT+DOWN keys for increase or decreace font size.

You can easly change screen proportion by pressing CTRL+UP, DOWN, RIGHT or LEFT keys.

If You want to break playing movie and resume it in a few hours and start at the same media position you can use bookmark technology. Just open context menu (by clicking right mouse button), select Save to bookmark / 0 option. When you start again Koala Player load the bookmark by selecting Load Bookmark / 0 option from context menu.

Screenshots - More Details

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