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Ladybug Player Vista 2

A new generation media player that can do real-time video mixing, generate 3D video effects, and play High Definition (HD) videos.

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Version: 2
File Size:11,606 KB System:Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/2003
License:Free to try ($29.95) Limitations:30 days trial
Date Added:12-28-2005 Requirements:DirectX 9.0

Main screen - Ladybug Player Vista
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Software Description:
Ladybug Player Vista is a new generation media player that can do real-time video mixing, generate 3D video effects, and play High Definition (HD) videos.

Ladybug Player Vista supports multithread media engine, HLSL shader for GPU, and media codec for MP4 HD, WMV HD, AVI, and VOB (DVD) videos. It also supports portable media applications along with various USB storage devices.

The Media Platform of Ladybug Player Vista supports latest DirectX 9.0 technology in Windows. The Media Engine of Ladybug Player Vista supports video codecs, hlsl shader for special effects, and multithreads. The Media Foundation of Ladybug Player Vista works for media control, media management, and media storage. It also provides functions to protect software and contents.

Key Features:
  • Video Mixing can generate cinematic effects in real-time.
  • Media Management by SQL Database greatly improved the extensibility and configurability of the player.
  • Portable Software in the portable storage devices for multiple computers and multiple users.
  • Multiple Render Target (MRT) generates the effects of HDR, blur, glow, and Depth of Filed.
  • Model Builder supporting such as Wings3D, Maya, 3DS, and other CAD tools allows users to create his own models and render the light maps of video over them.
  • True Fullscreen automatically fits for widescreen notebook, LCD flat screen desktop, and High-Definition TV (HDTV) with clean pictures.
  • Multithread Engine mixes multiple videos, 3D models, and music to render composite video.
  • HLSL Shader generates real-time video special effects, executes codes of Shader Model 3.0, and supports the latest DirectX 9.0 technologies.
  • Format Neutral recognizes any video formats whose codecs support Windows like AVI, WMV, and MPEG.
  • Unicode Support allows world-wide audiences to choose their own languages to control video playback.
  • USB distribution provides Ne@tware Player in the USB Flash Memory and Mobile Hard Disk.
  • Technology to protect software and contents.
Editor's Review:
Ladybug Player Vista is a media player to support programmable shader and effects on Windows. Ladybug Player Vista supports video and audio mixing in real-time on True Fullscreen. It can play video over a 3D model surface with effects. So you can watch a movie over a coffee cup. Furthermore, you can design your 3D model and render video on it.

By using the programmable pixel shader, Ladybug Player Vista can complete the video special effects in real-time. Users can design their own shader with HLSL or Assembly languages.

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