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Amara Flash Menu and Button Maker 2.2 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

Frequently Asked Questions - Amara Flash Menu and Button Maker

  1. If I buy Anim-FX now, will I miss out on future upgrades?

    No, once you buy Anim-FX, you are guaranteed to get ALL future upgrades for FREE. So there is no reason to wait. Better yet, if you buy it now you only pay US$27 and will never have to pay for any upgrades, but you can be sure that this price will increase over time and when the features have expanded. So take advantage of this attractive offer and get Anim-FX now! Updates will be be sent to you thru email on a quarterly basis.

  2. Why is there a separate textfile combined with a Flash file, instead of just one complete Flash file?

    Think of it as a database system - although you may think it is a bit inconvenient when you start out, in return you get an extremely simple way of updating your effects. You see, if you want to make any changes to your animation, you only need to change the text file of the effects and voila, it's done. So if your boss asks you to change the content of a banner, you just click on the text file, replace the content, save the text file and that's it. Easy-peasy!

  3. Do you have a program which saves the SWF files without textfile?

    Yes, we own another Flash software application. It's called Mix-FX Flash animations, which is one the leading Flash text effect and Flash button creators. It Mix-FX Flash animations allows you to create hundred of different text effect combinations. It's extremely easy-to-use and highly recommended for the starting web designer! The file sizes of the created effects are only 4KB on average! It Mix-FX Flash animations also comes with a lifetime FREE update guarantee.

  4. How to import Anim-FX files into Frontpage 2000?

    Go to Insert - Advanced - Plug-in and click on the "browse" button. Select your Anim-FX file. Now enter the appropriate size and click on OK. Finally, save, and preview your file. It's of utmost importance that you save the file first before you click on preview, or else you will see nothing. Everything will work fine like that until you try to create an animation with a totally different size such as a banner.

  5. How to import Anim-FX files into Frontpage 2002?

    Go to Insert - Web Component - Advanced Controls - Plug-in Please refer to the FrontPage 2000 section for any further info.

  6. How to import Anim-FX files into PowerPoint?

    Go to View - Toolbars - Control Toolbox and click on the icon which looks like a little hammer. Select "Shockwave Flash Object" from the list. Now you must drag a square onto the place where you want the Anim-FX file to appear. After you have done this, right-click on the box, choose properties, and the properties menu will pop up. To add the Anim-FX file you must click on "Custom", and select the "Build" icon (the three dots at the end of the line). Now you must enter the Movie URL (make sure that you enter the correct path!) and check the "Embed Movie" box as well. Finally, save and run your slide show in presentation view. Click here to see the entire tutorial.

  7. Am I limited to the dimensions in Anim-FX or can I alter the sizes?

    You are not limited to them; you can easily change the dimensions by just modifying the width and height properties of the effect in your HTML file and adding the SCALE parameter. For example, the effect at the top of this page is made with a standard intro size of 600x300, and in the HTML file we have put the width at 100% and the height at 80 pixels, thereby changing the size. If you want to use different dimensions, for example for a banner, it's important that you always leave the Y position of the effect in Anim-FX at 150. Add the scale no border tag in the HTML code. Anim-FX does have a feature to generate the code with the desired dimensions instantly.

  8. How to change the black top and bottom stroke

    This is not related to Anim-FX but it is caused by the background color of your html file. To change the background color of your HTML file you must change the background color tag in your HTML page. In case you don't have this tag. Please add the following line of code in the body section of your html code. this will render the HTML page red.

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Screenshots - More Details

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