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Mix-FX Flash Animations and Flash Buttons 1.0 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details
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Frequently Asked Questions - Mix-FX Flash Animations and Flash Buttons

  1. Are my online purchases secure?

    Yes!. Every transaction is secure. We use for all our online credit card payment transactions. is an industry leader in providing E-commerce Payment Processing Services for publishers and authors of PC and Macintosh software, trial ware, electronic art, information and data.

  2. Can I send Mix-FX effects thru email?

    Yes! Many people are already doing this. Since the Mix-FX files are only a couple of KBs they can easily help you to spice up your email just that little bit that you need to stand out. To do this you first need to create an HTML page. Type your text, add the Mix-FX files and upload this file to your web server. Now access your HTML page online, go to the top bar of your I.E browser and click on "File/Send" and select "Page by Email". Now your default email program will open up with the "HTML formatted email" embedded into the page.

  3. How can I purchase Mix-FX?

    You can buy Mix-FX online, and pay via our secure gateway with your credit card. You can also submit your credit card data per fax, per telephone or obtain the address details to mail us a bank check or money order

  4. How do I enter my text?

    Click with your mouse on the "enter text" input field and type your text. Select a font and a "text effect" and make sure that the text color and background color are not the same. Click on "update". That's all! Now continue to add a background animation, change colors, sizes, etc.

  5. I'm loading the SWF file that I've created in Mix-FX into Flash , but I do not see the generated effect.

    Make sure that your text color is not the same as the background color of the movie you are importing it into. For instance, if both are white, then that's the reason you're not seeing anything.

  6. If I buy Mix-FX now, will I miss out on future upgrades?

    No, once you buy Mix-FX, you are guaranteed to get any future upgrades for FREE. So there is no reason to wait. Better yet, if you buy it now you only pay US$27 and will never have to pay for any upgrades, but you can be sure that this price will increase over time and when the features have expanded. So take advantage of this attractive offer and get Mix-FX now!

  7. How do I load Mix-FX files into Flash?

    You must use the Load movie action to do this. If you would like to see only a part of the effect you can increase the amount of key frames to around 30. One or about 60 frames will show you the entire effect. Make sure that your text color is different from the background color and put all the SWF files into the same directory as the HTML file.

  8. How to embed a Mix-FX file into PowerPoint?

    Go to View - Toolbars - Control Toolbox and click on the icon which looks like a little hammer. Select "Shockwave Flash Object" from the list. Now you must drag a square to the place where you want the Mix-FX file to appear. After you have done this, right-click on the box, choose properties, and the properties menu will pop up. To add the Mix-FX file you must click on the word "Custom", and select the "Build" icon (the three dots at the end of the line) Now you must enter the Movie URL (make sure that you enter the correct path!) and check the "Embed Movie" box as well. Finally, save and run your slide show in presentation view.

Screenshots - More Details

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