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SWF Player for Mac

SWF Player is a free, swift and smart Flash SWF movie player for Mac OS, download the freeware for your SWF movies.

Free Download Now!

Version: Publisher:
File Size: 8.89 MB System: Mac OS X v10.3.9, v10.4, v10.5
License: Freeware Limitations: Free
Date Added: 04-16-2008 Requirements:  

SWF Player for Mac

Software Description:
SWF Movie Player is a free, swift and smart Flash player for Mac OS. Eltima enriched it with numerous handy options and controls, which ensures top grade usability for viewing and managing Flash movies.

Using extended Flash movie controls you can easily forward and rewind Flash movies, arrange a playlist of Flash movies to view them randomly, repeat loaded file or the whole playlist continuously. SWF Movie Player provides control of playback quality to save your Mac's resources and can even restrict SWF access to Web content.

It fully supports not only Flash SWF movies, but also Mac and Windows Flash Projector files. SWF Movie Player is the most flexible Flash player for Mac OS with clean interface and absolute control of Flash movies, and it's still free for all Mac users.

Key Features:
  • Play, pause, fast-forward, rewind, frame-by-frame playback and browse through Macromedia SWF files
  • Browse URL resources to discover all Flash animation they use and download SWF/FLV files from web-pages
  • Open and play any SWF/FLV file on the web directly
  • Save Flash animation to hard drive with all the external resources it uses (PRO version only)
  • The only player for Mac OS to playback FLV files
  • Easy-to-use and eye-appealing zoom in/out, on-screen preview option to display specific part of SWF file
  • View Flash animation in fullscreen (PRO version only)
  • SWF/FLV playlists management with shuffle mode and plenty of other enhancements
  • Unique heuristic algorithms to determine Flash movie end
  • Obtain detailed information about SWF/FLV files (size, SWF version, frame rate, shapes/morphs/fonts/ActionScripts/sounds/etc.)
  • Restrict access to external resources such as sending/receiving data via Internet or using third-party SWF resources by utilizing advanced security options
  • Handy Flash movie playback quality control lets you adjust application resources load to your system configuration
  • Fit into current window and restore the original SWF file size in one click
  • Built-in sound volume control
  • Easy-to-use and intuitively interface
Editor's Review:
SWF Movie Player is a free, swift and smart Flash player for Mac OS with great usability for viewing and managing Flash movies. SWF & FLV Player records history of played files, provides control of playback quality to save your Mac's resources and can even restrict SWF access Web content.

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