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Swift Optimizer 2.0

SWF Flash Optimizer tool - find, analyse, optimize, preview the swf file; Compress the size of SWF-files by 10% to 70%

Download Site       Buy Now $24.95

Version: 2.0
File Size:4.45 MB System:Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/NT
License:Free to try ($24.95) Limitations:30 files
Date Added: 03-01-2008 Requirements:True color (8 MB colors) Video Card - 800x600

Swift Optimizer
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Software Description:
Swift Optimizer is the most powerful tool to optimize the swf files in windows . It's a powerful, easy-operating and effective tool for finding,analysing, optimizing, previewing the swf files. Compress the size of your SWF-files by 10% to 70% using this great tool. Compress flash projector by 5% to 80%. It will highly increase both site traffic and profits.

Key Features:
  • Optimize swf files in your selected directory.
  • Optimize all swf files in your selected logic driver and other movable drivers, include hidden directory of system.
  • Identify the bad files, optimized files, normal files automatically, and show them with different icons.
  • Optimize the swf files. Reduce the swf file size without making it in the condition of being shattered. The optimized files need not unzip again, you can publish them directly, you can view it with shockwave flash player or other flash players directly.
  • Compress flash projector by 5% to 80%.
  • Add protection to the swf files when you are optimizing.
  • swf2exe and exe2swf.
  • View selected swf file with built-in player directly.
  • Supporting Flash MX 2004!
  • Using little system resource!
  • It does not generate temporary files!
  • Retaining original file attribute!
  • Speed. The ability of finding and optimizing swf files is so powerful that it can be completed in seconds!
  • Identifying the bad files, optimized files,normal files automatically,and showing them with different icons.
  • The optimized size is smaller than zipped by winzip. The important thing is you can use the optimized file directly without using unzip tool to unzip it.
  • Adding protection to swf file in batches!
  • In order to prevent the same name files from overwriting each other when you are optimizing files from read-only drivers to hard disk, system will remain original directory info if you do not select "overwriting" them.
  • You can view the selected movie with inserted player directly.
  • You can control the progress of movie by drag trackbar simply.
  • System can remember the position and size of 'viewer window' you used last time.
  • It can avoid linking to the internet when movie is playing. Some flash files have JAVASCRIPT inside, it will link to the internet when it is opened(It is very boring sometimes). The inserted player will forbid JAVASCRIPT running.
Editor's Review:
If you have the swf optimizer software, you can save more swf files on your hard disk or usb disk..., another it embeded a swf flash player, you can watch swf anytime.

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