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Wallpaper Scout 1.42 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

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How to create flash wallpaper installer?

Run Wallpaper Scout and select flash movie you want to use as flash desktop wallpaper

Now click Make Setup button on the main toolbar

Flash desktop wallpaper installer settings dialog will appear

Change Title, Copyrights, Publisher and other fields to your own values, for example we will create "Music Clip Desktop" flash wallpaper

Also check Icons tab to set readme, license, post-readme text or RTF documents and specify if installer should create additional icons and will place shortcut to your web-site

On Wallpaper tab you can specify flash movie alignment, size, background color and add additional files that should be installed along with flash movie (this feature is useful if your flash movie requires external images, sound files etc.)

Click Generate button to generate standalone flash wallpaper .EXE installer.

Flash Wallpaper Scout will generate flash wallpaper installer:

Installation created shortcut to un-installer so you can always uninstall flash wallpaper and desktop will revert to previous wallpaper automatically

Flash and Macromedia Flash are trademarks of Macromedia, Inc.

Screenshots - More Details

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