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Doorway Blaster 1.3.2 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

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Frequently Asked Questions - Doorway Blaster

  1. I'm running FFA Blaster 2.4.1 and can't download new databases?
    Please upgrade to latest version and it will work again. You can download it here. Always make sure you run latest version. If we find out any problems we usally qickly post a fixed upgrade that will solve the problem.

  2. Where are the instructions?
    Start any of our software, click F1 on any screen to get help.

  3. I have filled in the banners, keywords, links and so on, but when the pages are generated and I check the generated HTML source code, none of the info has been added? What am I doing wrong?
    Click the tabs for each list, banners-keywords-links etc and set the counter down-right to how many items from the lists you want included. Your counter is probably 0 now and no list items will be included. Also make sure you have correct TAGS in your templates so the generator will find where to insert correct info. Then re-generate your pages.

  4. Is there a way to easy create new templates? I dont want to edit the templates for each Search Engine one by one.
    Here is one way to easy create a new set of templates:
    • Click down the pulldown menu in the template editor.
    • Create a new template directory where you will save your new templates.
    • Then create a new template set using a webpage you already have. All templates will be an exact copy.
    • Edit the first (Acoon) template with all variables you want included, so correct items from the lists is included where you want it, etc.
    • Then use this template (acoon) to create a new set of templates, and all will have your added variables.
    • Then adjust/edit the Project and Engine index pages so they look okay with correct variables.

    This way you only need to edit three pages to get it all working. Test generate some pages, check / edit your templates until it all looks okay.

    But if you want to do special editing for each search engine, each template must be manually edited, but it's much easier now, since the major work adding variables is already done.

Screenshots - More Details

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