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Meta Tag Promoter 1.1

Meta Tag optimization software for generating or editing meta tags in HTML web pages. It allows easy creation of over 30 different META tags that can help your Web pages to be properly indexed by search engines.

Buy and Download $49.90

File Size:1,973 KB System:Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP
License:Free to try ($49.90) Limitations:function limited
Date Added:02-07-2006 Requirements:Internet connection

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Software Description:
This program is designed for generating or editing meta tags in your HTML web pages.

Naturally, you can create and edit meta tags manually in your favorite text or HTML editor. But what if you own a multi-page website or several sites? This may take many hours. To save you hours of dull routine, we have designed this program! It will do several hours' work in seconds.

Many search engines will not list your web pages in their databases if these pages contain no meta tags. For you, this may mean fewer visitors, and potentially, lost profits.

Have you ever wondered why you cannot find your Web site on the Search Engines? Or if you can find your Web site the title, description or something else is wrong? Search Engines use hidden code in your pages called META Tags to determine the relevant information about your Web site and how to list it in their results. META Tags also play an important part in determining your ranking, or where your site is placed in the search results. Incorrect META Tags can cost you in both traffic and sales.

META tags are neither fun to read nor easy to remember. NetPromoter has designed a Meta Tag Promoter program that provides you with simple forms allowing to input the information you want, and then generate all of your META tags. Once generated, you can copy and paste the META tags into one of your HTML files or insert them into a new or imported HTML file.

Key Features:
  • Easy Editing for 30 Important META Tags and Support for Custom Tags
    Create HTML META tags by filling in simple form fields
  • Visual Editor for PICS
    Meta Tag Promoter features unique visual editor for PICS rating tags in both popular standards: RSAC and ICRA
  • Work with Different Pages and Sites
    META tags and site options are grouped into projects (profiles) for easy management
  • Simple META Refresh to JavaScript Conversion
    Meta Tag Promoter has an option to automatically create JavaScript for these forward pages instead of the refresh tag.... with a simple click of the mouse
  • Easy Import and Population from existing sources
    Meta Tag Promoter can import META data from existing web pages on the internet, on your hard drive or from the existing Tag Promoter projects
  • Drill Down META Tag Editing
    Changing tags on a thousand pages is as easy as on a single page. With a click of a mouse, you can set Meta Tag Promoter to automatically make backups of all pages it edits.
  • Built-in FTP Uploader
    Put the changed pages online without leaving Meta Tag Promoter with the built-in FTP Uploader
  • Existing Tags Analyzer
    You can analyze the correctness of tags on the existing pages with the Page Analyzer
  • Comprehensive Reporting
    Meta Tag Promoter supports comprehensive reporting options, allowing you to generate reports in HTML, ASCII Text, Microsoft Excel and even send it directly to an e-mail address.
Editor's Review:
Meta Tag Promoter is Meta Tag optimization software for generating or editing meta tags in your HTML web pages. It allows easy creation of over 30 different META tags that can help your Web pages to be properly indexed by search engines. The program can insert tags into an HTML file that has been imported locally or directly from a Web site. No knowledge of META tags is necessary. Features include the ability to create HTML META tags by filling in simple form fields, support for over 30 META tags, the ability to import an existing HTML file from your hard-drive or the Web, insert generated META tags into an HTML file and save them.

Meta Tag Promoter is packed full of features that make the management of your META data a snap. Whether you are managing a single Web site or a thousand, this tool will save your time and energy while making sure that your META tags are correctly inserted and formatted

Meta Tag Promoter has a number of useful modules: Report generation module, FTP Uploader and Web page analyzer module.

META Tag Promoter suits both beginning and advanced webmasters!

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