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Home Education Software Guides and FAQs

IDEAL Calendar Guide - A calendar program that can displays a dialog and plays a sound on the occasions the user specifies.
Screen Calendar Guide - Create custom desktop wallpapers with built in active calendar, changing desktop view, adding a full-functional PIM.
To-do List Guide - To-do List provides an easy way for you to manage your list of tasks, making your life easier and more organized.
EBooksWriter Guide - A calendar program that can displays a dialog and plays a sound on the occasions the user specifies.
Drink Mixer Pro Guide - A drink recipe solution for both expert and novice bartenders, with over 1400 traditional and exotic drinks, and a search as you type database.
Living Cookbook 2005 Guide - A cooking and recipe management tool that can plan meals, create menus, get nutritional information, create shopping lists, print recipes, publish cookbooks, etc.
Blood Glucose Log Book Guide - Keep a record of your Blood Glucose levels accompanying graphs and averages of specified dates.
'Diet Tracker' Guide - Register and control your meals as well as your exercises compose, tracking the amount of proteins, fat, carbohydrate, carbohydrate exchange or calories.
Encyclopedia of Chinese Astrology Guide - It includes traditional astrology, I Ching, palmistry, sky chart, Feng Shui and face reading.
Engine Oil Selector 2005 Guide - An educational, informational and empowering software tool engineered to help maximize engine oil selection for individual car or light truck owners and fleet managers.
Address & Phone Book Pro Guide - A virtual contact book that can record address, phone number and other contact information of your friends, customers, etc.
Home Inventory Plus Guide - Organize information about your possessions and a lot more, storing name, location, serial number, date purchased, original cost, and remarks of the items.
KidSplorer Web Browser Guide - Protect your children by preventing from visiting inappropriate sites, also enable you to customize KidSafe site list, Time Management, etc.
Secure Family Album Guide - Store your digital family photos together in your digital family album, and prevent unauthorized access by any irrelevant persons with encryption.
Function Grapher Standard Edition Guide - Use Function Grapher to create 2D, 2.5D and 3D coordinate graphs, animations and table graphs.
Geometric Constructions Guide - This software have 142 animations, each provides detailed description of a straightedge-and-compass geometric construction in high school geometry courses.
NavTools Route Guide - Create your own routes using unlimited number of waypoints, and monitor vessels performance while sailing this route.
Auto Maintenance Plus Guide - A database to record your automobile expenses for maintenance and repairs as well as a separate table to list original cost, insurance, and license information.
Daily Planner/Journal Guide - The daily planner lets you plan out your days, the daily journal allows you to enter daily thoughts, experiences etc.
MuseBook Tuner Guide - MuseBook Tuner shows you the tuning status of an instrument and displays the detected note on a stave and keyboard image.
Cyclic Independence for Drummers Guide - Provide a virtually unlimited resource of study material to help drummers of all levels of playing ability from beginner to advanced levels.
Astrology Prophet Pro Directions Guide - View astrological influence on your life in Love, Business, Health, Job and Career, Family and Realties, Social Round-Up, Life Role and Social Status.
Muhurtha Explorer Guide - Find the auspicious timings to do more than 118 tasks like marriages, business activities, financial transactions, journeys, house related Muhurtas, etc.
Flow Pro Guide - A wonderful hydraulic design software for civil engineers to compute steady-state water surface profiles for many prismatic open channel shapes, and useful flow and channel properties.
Diving Log Guide - Help you manage your dives reliably, log all your dives information, enable you to search a certain dive in your logbook and store your logbook data as an Excel file or Html website.
Collegio Football Guide - Electronic Media Guide to NCAA College Football that contains 60,000 game scores, 6,000 box scores, 3,000 team and conference web links, and 12,000 players' roster data.
GS Typing Tutor Guide - Help you memorize the keyboard layout and go on to develop typing speed quickly, to acquire professional touch-typing skills.
Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor Guide - Teach you life long skills that will help you understand the principles of touch typing, monitor your progress and automatically adjust the lessons to your skill level.
Holidays Manager Guide - A daily program for the control of dates, which creates, displays and controls all dates on your personal holidays database.
Tcal Calendar Guide - A calendar in a Client-Server system that allows to record your timed events and to see other resource's calendar.
Simple Money 2006 Guide - This software can keep track of credit card charges, payments, balances and so on, and will make people manage their personal finance efficiently.
Recite French Words Guide - Learning French can become easy and funny with the right tool that is specially developed for increasing vocabulary.
Recite Italian Words Guide - Recite Italian Words provides 34 categories including 764 classical and practical words for the user to study. and can be played automatically on your screen.
Recite Japanese Words Guide - When you work, study or play on your computer, you can master all kinds of Japanese words easily from the screen.
FindGraph Guide - A comprehensive graphing, curve fitting, and digitizing tool, offering 12 generic fits, including linear regression, logistic functions, fourier approximation...
PocketLearn Viewer for Windows Guide - This software can help individuals study and learn educational content by using the familiar "flash card" paradigm.
ReadPal Guide - Read Emails (Outlook & outlook Express), MS Word documents, Internet Explorer (Web pages), and Text files.
WordBanker English-Italian Guide - Easy and fun method of learning English and Italian, and the unique way to make you learn without realizing.
LingvoSoft Talking Dictionary 2006 Guide - An english and french dictionary that provides bi-directional word translation and advanced synthesis of English and French speech.

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