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Windows CE Bluetooth Manager


The Bluetooth is a wireless technology that enables communication between devices on a restricted range (0-30 meters) named Personal Area Network (PAN). The management of the different Bluetooth devices is done through a Bluetooth Manager , by providing a graphical interface to the user to identify, list, connect and communicate with the devices in the range.


  • The Adeneo's Bluetooth Manager provides a Friendly and easy to use interface for the Windows Mobile and Windows Embedded CE devices to manage the Bluetooth.

  • The software architecture has been done to provide a way for you to customize the Bluetooth Manager to your product device requirement. The User Interface (UI) relays on a Dynamic Link Library (DLL) that provides all the Bluetooth functionalities. This Dll based on the Bluetooth stack provided by the OS provided access to the local and remote profiles like File Transfer Profile (FTP), Object Push Profile (OPP).

  • The requirements for this Bluetooth Manager is at least a compatible Bluetooth transceiver, and a customized OSDesign (for Windows Embedded CE device) integrating the support of the Bluetooth stack .

    Supported Operating Systems

    The Adeneo's Bluetooth Manager is compatible with the following Operating Systems :
  • Windows CE 5.0
  • Windows Embedded CE 6.0
  • Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R2
  • Windows Mobile 5.0

    Supported Profiles and Local Services

    Bluetooth devices are hosting services that can be accessed by the other Bluetooth devices, but those remote services require a management from the device that connects to those services. The Bluetooth Manager supports most of the profiles and local service:

    • Service Discovery Protocol (SDP) : used to list and identify the accessible Bluetooth devices
    • Serial Server Profile (SSP) : for the emulation of a serial communication between two devices. This service enable a local serial port accessible from the applications to transmit data to the remote device.
    • Object Push Profile (OPP) : used to push files to the remote device.
    • File Transfer Profile (FTP) : for the access to a remote file system to upload or download files from the remote device.
    • Dial Up Networking (DUN) : can be used to connect
    • Private Area Network (PAN) : for the communication between Bluetooth devices using network sockets. PAN network can enable communication between multiple Bluetooth device at the same time as Bluetooth devices can relay network frames over the network of identified Bluetooth devices.

    Bluetooth Manager Architecture

    The Bluetooth Manager has been design to enhanced re usability of the Bluetooth capabilities on custom's software design. All the Bluetooth management, access to the stack, is done in a single Dynamic Link Library (DLL) and can be easily used in your applications. The provided Graphical User Interface (GUI) relays calls to the Bluetooth Manager DLL.

    Licensing and Pricing

    Different licences are available for the Bluetooth Manager product
  • Evaluation Version:
  • Binary Version:
  • Source Version:
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