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NFO Viewer

NFO Viewer is a simple viewer for NFO files, which are "ASCII" art in the CP437 codepage. The advantages of using NFO Viewer instead of a text editor are preset font and encoding settings, automatic window size and clickable hyperlinks.



NFO Viewer should run on all major operating systems, but is primarily targeted for Unix-like systems (GNU/Linux, *BSD, Solaris, etc). The user interface is based on the GTK+ toolkit and has been designed to best fit the GNOME desktop environment.

NFO Viewer is free software released under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

The easiest way to install NFO Viewer is via your operating system's package management. NFO Viewer is packaged at least for Arch Linux, Fedora, Gentoo Linux, Mac OS X, Mandriva and Ubuntu. Make sure you have the linked repository enabled and use your operating system's package management tools to install package "nfoview".


The latest source code release is 1.5. A list of changes can be found in the "NEWS" file. You can try NFO Viewer just by running it from the source directory. For instructions on running and installing, please read the "README" and "INSTALL" files included in the source package.



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